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Gregory BatesonAll experience is subjective.Expérience
Gregory BatesonOgni esperienza è soggettiva.Expérience
Oscar WildeL'esperienza è una cosa che non puoi avere gratis.Expérience
Randy PauschExperience is what you get when you don't get what you want.Expérience
Randy PauschL'esperienza è quello che ottieni quando non ottieni quello che vuoi.Expérience
AnonymeL’esperienza è quella che ottieni, quando non ottieni quello che desideriExpérience
Charles BukowskiOspedali, galere e puttane: sono queste le università della vita. Io ho preso parecchie lauree. Chiamatemi dottore.Expérience
Jiddu KrishnamurtiThere are those who don’t believe in God and yet do good. There are those who believe in God and kill for that belief; those who prepare for war because they claim they want peace, and so on. So one has to ask oneself what need there is to believe at all in anything, though this doesn’t deny the extraordinary mystery of life. But belief is a word, a thought, and this is not the thing, anymore than your name is actually you.
Through experience you hope to touch the truth of your belief, to prove it to yourself, but this belief conditions your experience. It isn’t that the experience comes to prove the belief, but rather that the belief begets the experience. Your belief in God will give you the experience of what you call God. You will always experience what you believe and nothing else.
8 citations trouvées